Nightmare on Burton Street

From 28.10.2016 10:48 am until 28.10.2016 12:48 pm

Posted by Stuart

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As the nights grow darker and November pulls near, the night which plunges the darkest fear into our hearts arrives, Halloween. 

Explore the maze like corridors of Burton Street, enter into the old halls and hear some of the stories of the past as we take you on a ghostly walk around the site. 

Odd experiences and unexplainable events frequent the site at Burton Street, let us guide you through the places that staff won’t visit, can’t stay in and have seen things happen in. 

With our very own Medium Megan who sees visitors from the other world explaining and retelling stories, this is a ghost walk you won’t soon forget. 

After the walk, take a breath and relax as we do a screening of the brilliant Coraline with a barbeque, giving you time to reflect on what you saw and heard this night. 

Please note this walk may contain flashing lights, actors, and smoke. 

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