Paranormal-X and Burton Street Investigation

From 04.11.2016 10:52 am until 04.11.2016 12:52 pm

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Paranormal-X and Burton Street present: an investigation at Burton Street

Chills, touches, smells and sights, join Paranormal-X and the Burton Street Foundation on an investigation round a 140 year old school with a colourful past.

Previously Langsett School, the Burton Street Foundation’s site has frequent reports of noises with no source, strong presences felt, even sightings of apparitions and unexplained occurrences. After reaching its peak staff got in touch with Mark Smith of Paranormal X.

This investigation allows members of the public and avid ghost hunters to help begin to explain the unexplainable, and delve into some of the forgotten mysteries of Burton Street.

Spaces are limited with only 20 spaces available to the public in order to keep the investigation private and intimate, and members will be asked to split into groups and undertake investigations.

Tickets are only £12, and includes a bite to eat. The night will run from 6pm-10pm on November the 4th.

This event is a brilliant opportunity for all those with interest in the paranormal (and even those who don’t) to explore a whole unseen and unexplainable world. All funds raised will go towards the Burton Street Foundation and their work with adults and children with learning and physical disabilities.

To book your place please book online. 

PLEASE NOTE: There will be filming taking place during the night, which may be published online for promotional material for Paranormal X. Attendees are asked only to attend if they give their consent to be filmed.